Concierge Service

Concierge Service

In the competitive world of litigation and client retention, our Concierge Service is the ultimate service, bringing another level of support to you and your clients’ needs.

Your time is valuable. Let us do your legwork and get more time back for yourself and your clients.

McCorkle concierge services are available to all clients who use our videoconference rooms

Our concierge can provide local information and help you organize activities while you focus on your client. No two days are the same for our concierge, and we often receive requests for unique, one-of-a-kind experiences. 

A Passion For Service

We take great pride in looking for opportunities to add value to you and to making your visit with us remarkable.

Keep you Safe

Our concierge can offer advice on whether a neighborhood, park, or activity is safe to visit, and what you can do instead if your idea is iffy.

Local Directions

From restaurant recommendations to business support, we can help.

Business Support

You may need to print materials or find a place to design signage for your event. We can help you with courier service, sign for packages, find a printer, and more.

Travel Advice

Get step by step directions for how to arrive at McCorkle, as well as insider knowledge for arriving rush hour, skipping around construction delays, and parking tips

Out-of-the-box Requests

We know how to get most stuff done, so feel free to ask us when you're here! if our concierge is stumped, they have our whole team at your disposal, executives included!

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