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Realtime Tutorials

Realtime Video Tutorial Series

Useful Links

LiveNote Realtime Connection Guide (PDF)

Download E-Tran viewer

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Worth Business Systems stenograph maintenance and repair (773) 777-1474

CompuServe Court Reporters Forum. Compuserve is great at 1:00 a.m. and you have daily. You can post a question and someone will usually answer right away. web directory and resources

National Court Reporters Association

Illinois Court Reporters Association

Journal of Court Reporting

Society for the Technological Advancement of Reporting

Summation Legal Technologies Realtime and litigation support software

Rominger Legal Services directories for legal and support services ask an expert

Database of US Companies attorney search, free legal documents and resources directories for legal and support services


K. Vincent Microphones for CAT Software


Chicago Public Schools


Their Doctor Finder allows you to look up the name of a doctor, whether the doctor is a member of the AMA or not. You don’t need the correct spelling of the name; you only need to know what state the doctor is located in.

FIND OBSCURE WORD/PHRASES (Google’s One-Look dictionaries. Gets 1063 dictionaries, including medical and technical, with wild-card searching and reverse dictionary.) reference and translation tools

Dictionary of Military Terms

Technical Encyclopedia

Toxicology and chemical databases

FIND JUDGE NAMES, CITATIONS, RULES (State of Illinois Telephone Directory)

Look up a case by the court number to verify spellings in the caption. This is a link to the Dorothy Brown Clerk of the Circuit Court site.


American Arbitration Association Title Page (PDF)

Certification, Short (PDF)

Certification, Long (PDF)

Court Title Page (PDF)

Deposition Title Page (PDF)

Disclaimer for Rough Real-time Transcripts (PDF)

Federal Title Page (PDF)

Scanned Exhibit Sheet (PDF)

Sworn Statement Title and Certification (PDF)

Workman’s Compensation Commission Title Page (PDF)